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You are one step away from increasing your hotel revenue

Boost revenue through enriched guest experience and branding

Grow better with app and website ordering

It’s important that customers can order directly from you. Tiniva enables you to take, manage and deliver orders through your own restaurant website and ordering app.
Everything you need to take and manage orders

Everything you need
to take and manage

Create Brand

Create brand experiences

Have confidence with 0% commission

Speak to our team about how you can get started with our low-cost monthly plans and 0% commission on orders.

Manage all of your orders in one place

Your app and website ordering technology can be accessed and controlled from one central dashboard.
Manage all of your orders in one place


Make it easy for your customers to tip with our in-app tipping functionality.


EPOS Integration

Supporting a wide range of EPOS systems, seamlessly integrate with your existing system.

EPOS Integration
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