QR code ordering for hospitality

    Streamline ordering with QR codes
    Welcome an innovative, safe and optimised way of serving. With unique QR codes, customers can view your menu, order and pay via their smart phones. It’s really that simple!

    QR code ordering for menus, ordering and payment

    Choose the Tiniva solution that best suits your business, whether it’s hosting menus, or an end-to-end QR code ordering and payment system!

    Why QR code ordering?
    Staff shortages have hit hospitality businesses hard. By providing customers with the option for ordering via QR codes you can:
    • NReduce customer wait times
    • NIncrease order size by over 45%
    • NFull access to your website and menu
    Use QR codes anywhere
    QR code ordering can be used in a wide variety of ways:
    • NTable numbers (in a restaurant, café or pub/bar)
    • NRoom numbers (in a hotel or office)
    • NArea or seat numbers (at a stadium, conference or cinema)
    • NParking bay numbers (for a car park) 

    Scan & Order

    Allow your customers to scan QR codes at their table that takes them straight to your ordering page to order food and drinks.

    Seamless setup

    Our expert team provide everything you need to get started with QR code table ordering, with full training provided.

    Get started with QR code ordering

    Increase revenue & reduce costs
    • NServe faster and more efficiently
    • NEnable customers to ordering at their convenience
    • NReduce physical touchpoints with contactless ordering
    • NAccept payments via card, cash, Apple & Google Pay
    • NStaff can focus on enhancing customer experience

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