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You are one step away from increasing your hotel revenue

Boost revenue through enriched guest experience and branding

Feature-rich online ordering solution for pubs and bars

Tiniva enables you to support staff, cut waiting times and maximise revenue via your very own mobile app and website.

App & website offering for your pub or bar

Sign up with Tiniva for a bespoke ordering web and iOS/Android mobile app solution. Customers can access and order from your menu to their table with ease via a table service app – there’s no need to queue at the bar.

Table-ordering on the app

Biggest pain for pub and bar patrons, is waiting on ordering staff’.. We keep it simple for everyone with table-ordering functionality. Customers can order and pay for food and drinks with ease via your branded ordering solution.
With your bar or pub’s app, your customers can re-order food and drinks round after round, reducing their wait time, and allowing your staff to focus on other priorities.

Upselling and personalisation

Upselling and personalisation on the app

Tiniva’s technology allows you to easily upsell to your customers. Offer a variety of products and services within your user-friendly, mobile menu on your bar’s app. You can also encourage increased spend via your bespoke table-ordering solution, with the following options:

Keeping you and your customers safe

Taking care of the customer is at the heart of the hospitality business. Leave your reception staff available to interact on the floor with guests, while taking in-room queries directly from the app.
Our technology will allow you to offer higher levels of service than ever before. Guests will be able to send requests via the app for replacement towels, tea and coffee sachets, a copy of their total bill and much more.
Requests which come through on the app can be directed straight to a porter or a member of the housekeeping team. Alternatively, they can be left with your front desk staff, whatever works best for you.

Keeping you and your customers safe
Tiniva BAR


You can add a surcharge to each order via the app to encourage tips. Surcharges can be set as optional or mandatory – whichever suits you best.

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