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You are one step away from increasing your hotel revenue

Boost revenue through enriched guest experience and branding

Elevate guest experience with a hotel and room service app

Tiniva technology enables you to provide exceptional guest experiences, while improving your average cheque spend and staff efficiency.

With your branded hotel app and website, you can surpass your customers’ expectations via a room, guest service and concierge solution. Tiniva technology also offers table ordering in your restaurants, outdoor areas, bars and more.

Room service on the app

With Tiniva’s feature-rich ordering solutions, guests can order room service from your website or mobile app. This will enable your hotel to increase revenue and seamlessly manage guest requests.

You can set up a menu especially for room service orders, and introduce time restrictions to ensure that you can manage your workload.

Customers’ payment options include cash, card, Apple Pay and Google Pay*. Alternatively, they can charge the bill to their room.

Room service on the app

Guest services on the app

Taking care of the customer is at the heart of the hospitality business. Leave your reception staff available to interact on the floor with guests, while taking in-room queries directly from the app.
Our technology will allow you to offer higher levels of service than ever before. Guests will be able to send requests via the app for replacement towels, tea and coffee sachets, a copy of their total bill and much more.
Requests which come through on the app can be directed straight to a porter or a member of the housekeeping team. Alternatively, they can be left with your front desk staff, whatever works best for you.

Guest services on the app

Merchandise sales on the app

We take the hassle out of your merchandising shop. Sell your branded towels, t-shirts, keyrings and more to your guests using our ordering technology, which allows guests to order these items to their room.

Order to function space on the app

Hosting a wedding, awards night or other special event at your hotel? Improve your bar’s efficiency by up to four times via your Tiniva app. Guests will be able to order directly to their table via a QR code which links to the app, allowing you to deter lengthy bar queues and speed up service time.

Guest assistance on the website

Tiniva’s guest assistance technology allows you to fulfill guests’ requests without them having to leave their room or call reception. Whatever they need and whenever they need it, our software ensures a smooth process.
Have your guests forgotten to pack a travel adaptor, toothbrush, or mobile phone charger? With your own platform, guests can contact you at the touch of a button. You can then provide impeccable service by delivering items like these directly to their meeting room.
There’s no need for your front-of-house team to spend hours on the phone managing requests. This can all be placed through the platform and then the team can handle multiple requests simultaneously. Having the right information immediately enables your team to easily resolve any issues and enhance the overall guest experience.

Table ordering on the app

Whether you offer a terrace, bar, restaurant, spa, lounge or function venue, Tiniva’s offers a table ordering solution to support your staff and guests.
Table ordering allows your guests to browse for longer, resulting in higher purchase values. It will also allow guests to request and pay the final bill quicker, freeing up more tables for you to serve.

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