All you need to know
about TiNiVA?

What kind of equipment or hardware do I need to use Tiniva?

With Tiniva, there is no need to invest in specialized equipment. A tablet or PC along with an internet connection can be used for accessing your store’s Management Centre and run your business.

How can my customers access my menu on Tiniva?

Your customers can access your menu either by scanning a QR code or by directly visiting your dedicated website provided to you by Tiniva.

What kind of device do my customers need to use Tiniva

Any smartphone, PC, or tablet along with an internet connection can be used by your customers to access your Tiniva digital menu.

In how many languages we can show the menu?

Currently, Tiniva supports 100+ languages from all over the world.

How many types of QR code do I need to run my business?

Based on your requirements, Tiniva will generate up to two types of QR codes:
1) multiple table-precise QR codes and 2) a generic QR code. Both types of QR codes are used from your customers to view the menu and order.

What is difference between location QR and Generic QR codes?

When a table-precise QR code is scanned, the system knows automatically the exact location of the order. This can be a specific table of a café/restaurant or a table of a hotel room. A generic QR code is unique and is mostly used by businesses offering self-service, takeaway, and home delivery services.
Among others, it can be used for displaying your live menu and offers through your social media or for attracting passing by customers.

Can I use Tiniva only for updating my menu and applying discounts in real time?

Absolutely! It is not required to enable ordering when setting up your store.

Can I use Tiniva for getting orders and get paid in Cash.

Of course! It’s up to you to decide based on your requirements, Tiniva allows you to 1) accept only cash payments, 2) accept only online payments, and 3) let your customers decide how they want to pay! Cool, right?

What types of payment are supported

Tiniva supports credit cards, debit cards and wallet payment methods as ssupported by out payment partnerss . We are constantly working into adding more payment methods well-suited to the special needs of every individual country.

Does Tiniva take any comission for order?

No, Tiniva does not charge any commission per order. if you enable digital payments for your customer orders, there will be some payment transaction fees involved. These fees are due to the payment provider and depend on the payment method that is selected. iPay88 - Malaysia and Genie Dialog in Sri Lanka are the payment providers supported. The commission fees of iPay88 and the commission fees of Genie Dialog are applicable if you enable payments.

What are the benefits of my customers if I join Tiniva.

Your customers do not need to wait for ordering anymore! And, if you have opted also for online payments, your customers do not need to wait for paying anymore! For self-service or takeaway businesses, especially, no customer is needed to wait in a queue. Your customers will just get a notification that their order is ready.
Furthermore, the non-native customers of your business can now see your menu in their own language! And you don’t have to print your menus anymore.! Last but not least, your customers can order from the comfort of their home easier than ever!

What are the benefits If I join Tiniva.

Tiniva helps you utilize your staff better and cut your costs down. It is expected that your table turnover rates will increase rapidly as your customers do not need to wait for ordering and paying anymore!
Ordering mistakes due to misunderstanding are impossible to happen – partly due to the fact that your customers can see your menu in their own language. And, last but not least, it has never been easier to apply real-time offers and discounts online to attract customers or improve the management of your stock!

Is there a limitation of location QR codes per business.

Yes, the Tiniva’s maximum number of Location QR codes per business is set to 500. We believe that this number is large enough to fulfill the needs of potentially every hospitality business. Please contact us here if your business exceeds this limit.

Can I also use Tiniva only for self service or take away.

Absolutely, this is up to you!

What happens if an item from menu is out of stock.

No problem at all! With just a few clicks you can make it temporarily not-visible in your digital menu.

Does Tiniva support the menu change during the day

Of course! With Tiniva you can explicitly define the time-horizon of your menu categories or menu items! You can setup offers that are only available during lunch hours or dinner hours.

What happens if my menu or price changes.

You can modify your menu or pricing (change price or apply a discount) anytime with just a few clicks. It has never been that easy!

Does Tiniva give any kind of analytics of my business.

Yes, at your Tiniva business’ Management Centre you can find information regarding your monthly menu viewings and the total monthly value of your paid and unpaid orders.

Do you currently have any discount schemes for chains with multiple locations.

Sure, just drop us a message here and we will try to answer as soon as possible!


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